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Synchronisation Error (Code 1080)

If you see the 1080 error code, it is due to file conflicts in Google Drive. Simply follow these steps: 1. Login to from desktop browser. 2. Wait for the scan. 3. You should see two or more similar entries. 4. Remove 1 of the entries by observing the contents. Look out for discrepancy in media count or date uploaded. 5. Press Delete…

Remove Journey’s Google Drive In-app data

Your data is stored in Google Drive. To terminate your account, go to Click on the gear icon, followed by “Settings”. Select “Manage apps” tab, then scroll to “Journey” and disconnect it. Warning! You will not be able to retrieve back your entries after deleting the hidden data!

Share & Export Entries

Open an entry, select menu (ellipsis) and press “share” or “Print/PDF”. You can export/share/backup single entry to: ZIP PDF / print a single entry (Requires Premium to remove watermark) (Requires Android 4.4 and above) Export to .DOCX (Requires Premium) Share as Text + Media to other application Share to Google+ and Instagram Share as HTML Share…