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Windows journal app timeline

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Journey provides different ways to relive your moments. They can be accessed from the left menu bar.

  • Timeline – Arranges entries chronologically from the latest to the earliest entry.
  • Media – View all the photos and videos that you have uploaded.
  • Calendar – Select the date of the entries you wish to view.
  • Atlas – Arranges your entries according to where they have been posted.
  • Settings – View syncing, database, security and general settings, as well as get support. (See Settings)

Also see Passcode, Single/Bulk export in Settings.

Primary Actions

  • Log Out – To log out, press the profile picture at the top left > select “log out”. Journey logs out of current account and opens the login page.
  • Sync/Check synchronization status – Lets you check the syncing status
  • Create entry (See editor mode)
  • Dual/single pane – Dual pane mode brings up Journey View on the left pane and the selected entries on the right pane. In single pane mode, Journey’s contents can be viewed in one pane. (See Single & Dual Pane)
  • Export entry – Export as .ZIP, .DOCX or .PDF
  • Edit entry – Edit your entries by pressing the rightmost icon on the screen, next to the export icon.
  • Search (See Search)
  • View entries by tags – Pressing the tag icon will prompt a list of all used tags. To browse entries via tags, simply click on the tag that you want to view. (See Filter by tag)
  • Preview photo and video – Press the photo to preview the photo and video in its original resolution. (See View Photo & Video)

Windows journal app menu

Entry options

To export, simply press the icon located beside the “Edit” icon > select the format that you would like to export your entry as.

  1. Export as .zip
  2. Export as .docx
  3. Print to .Pdf
  4. Edit entry

Also see Single/Bulk Export

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