You can categorise your entries by using tags. Tag your entries in editor mode at the bottom of the screen. Click on the tag box and enter a tag.

Tags are not case-sensitive and must not contain punctuations.

While typing in the tag box, you will be prompted for existing tags. Press backspace to ignore the prompted tag.

How do I edit/delete tags?

We currently are unable to support editing of tags. This will be worked on by our developers for the next few updates, so do stay tuned. You are able to delete tags by going into individual entries, and selecting the tag. This will prompt a popup asking if you’d like to remove the tag.

We are also working on the capability to multi-select and delete tags.

How do I add tags?

You can add tags by either creating a new post and manually inputting the tags, or going into editing mode in an old entry and creating new tags.

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