In this section, you will be able to change and adjust the following:

  • Preset (Novel, Draft, Newspaper, Essay, Lyrics, Poem & Screenplay)
  • Title & Body Text Fonts
  • Alignment (Left/Normal or Centralised)
  • Margin – how far the space between the text and the border is (Normal, Book & Wide)
  • Line Spacing
  • Font Size – only adjusts body text size (From 4 – 34)
  • Language
  • Dark Theme – activates the ‘Night-friendly’ dark theme that will not hurt your eyes
  • Night Vision – turning this on will adjust the font colour from white to orange, which is more soothing for the eyes at night

Changing to preset or styles:

  1. Go to the menu
  2. Select Appearance
  3. Click on Preset
  4. Choose the preset you would like to adjust to

Increase/Reduce font size:

Press font size to adjust the slider to Increase/Reduce font size.

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