Keyboard Shortcuts

JotterPad recognises basic keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts menu item is shown once an external keyboard is detected. Otherwise, No keyboard is shown in the overflow menu instead.

List of keyboard shortcuts:

  • Select all: Ctrl-a
  • Bold: Ctrl-b
  • Italic: Ctrl-i
  • Cut: Ctrl-x
  • Copy: Ctrl-c
  • Paste: Ctrl-v
  • Find Phrase: Ctrl-f
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl-k
  • View mode: Ctrl-m
  • Night mode: Ctrl-n
  • Statistic: Ctrl-o
  • Research: Ctrl-r
  • Save: Ctrl-s
  • Typewriter: Ctrl-t
  • Undo: Ctrl-z
  • Redo: Ctrl-shift-z (for JotterPad 12) or Ctrl-y (for JotterPad 11)
  • Tabulation: Ctrl-] or TAB
  • Back to Home: Esc

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