Android 6.0 Permissions

For devices running Android 6.0 with Journey v1.13.0, users are able to control which permissions to grant for an app. Refer to the full description on Android runtime permission here. Journey will require several critical permissions in order for it to work:


Contacts: Get Accounts

android-m-contacts-permission.png This permission is required to sign in to your Google Drive account (Not required after v1.14.0). (Why did Google choose to group ‘Get account’ permissions under Contacts permission group?)


Storage: Read / Write External Storage

android-m-storage-permission.png This permission is required for Journey to work with your external storage (e.g. Saving DOCX into ‘Downloads’ folder)


Other permissions that are required, but are non-critical are:

Location: Fine/ Coarse Location

android-m-location-permission.png This permission is required in editing mode to gather your approximate location for weather and geotagging purposes. These information are only intended for journal entries. We do not own or acquire any of your personal data in our sever.

Note: If you previously checked “Never ask again” in the permission dialog, you can access the permission list from your device settings > Apps > Journey > Permissions.

Toggle “Contacts” and “Storage” permissions.

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