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The MoodCast Editor is where you will input your own short little quotes or thoughts throughout your day.

To enter into editing mode, just press the ‘+’ from the home screen.

You can input a maximum of 1000 characters. While you are typing your entry, you can also manually input your mood for entry, if the predicted mood is not what you are feeling. You can do this by clicking the emoticon beside the keyboard icon, and you can choose between 5 moods. (Very Positive, Positive, Neutral, Negative and Very Negative.)

You can also input any activities that you may be doing. (See Moodcast: Activities)

From the editing screen, you are also able to modify the date and time of your entry, by clicking into the date and time, which will prompt a calendar to pop up. From there, you can cycle through the date and time to adjust it to your liking. You can click on the year to scroll back through the years to create a backdated entry.

To edit an entry, select it from the home screen and click on the edit icon.

To delete an entry, select it from the home screen and click on the delete icon.

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