Synchronisation Error (Code 1082 / 1084)

If you device has got 1082/1084 error code, it means that the file is corrupted or has not completed syncing from Google Drive. Simply follow these steps:

 Please try to press sync for all of your devices in case one of your devices has yet to sync. If the problem persists, then do the steps below. Also, try it a few more times in case you have a poor internet connection.

1. Login to from desktop browser.
2. Wait for the scan.
3. You should see all of your entries.
4. Remove entries that have “JSON file is corrupt” on it.
5. Press Delete twice.
6. Once done, refresh the page. You should not see any more entries with “JSON file is corrupt” on this page. If you do, please contact us.
7. Go to all of your devices and press sync.
8. Your devices should be able to sync again. If not, please email
9. Once done, it is recommended that you reinstall Journey on all of your devices.

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