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Journey desktop (Mac, Windows)

Journey desktop (Mac, Windows)

Embark on the journey of self improvement towards better life, love and health. Record your daily events, relive the memories & reflect on them. Start journaling with Journey today!

Stuck in app update for Windows 10

As the hardware specifications vary across desktops/laptops, you may encounter difficulties while updating Journey in Windows 10. 1. Update fails during unzipping step The update closes abruptly during the “unzipping” step. Journey did not update to the latest version. Solution: Download the latest version directly from the webpage. Install the app to override the previous version. The installation will not override…

Getting Started: Home Screen

  Thank you for using Journey in desktop Chrome/native app!   Navigation List Sections Journey provides different ways to relive your moments. They can be accessed from the left menu bar. Timeline Calendar Photos & Videos Atlas Tags Search Primary Actions Create entry (editor mode) Synchronisation status Settings Also see Passcode, Bulk export in Settings.   Entry options These are…