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JotterPad — Writer

JotterPad — Writer

JotterPad — Writer is a plain text editor, perfect for writing novel, lyrics, poems, essay and screenplay. The clean typing interface allows you to focus on writing, shaping your thoughts into written text. Go about your creative writing without distractions and write to your hearts content.

File Loss

NOTE: JotterPad does not delete your text files without your permission! If you lose your text files, then please follow the below steps. 1. Which folder did you store your text files? Local? Dropbox? Which directory did you store in? Most of users who have reported this issue, forgotten that their files stored in other…

Refund Policy

Android Refunds are given at the app developer’s discretion. Click here to refer to store’s policy. We follow the Google Play Store policy that states “unlike paid app purchases, there is no two-hour trial period for in-app purchases”. In-app purchase refunds will be considered within 48 hours of the purchase. If you would like to process a refund,…

Get Started: Editor

  Actionbar Menu: Undo/Redo   View Markdown  / Edit Mode  Typewriter  Overflow menu : Find text, Research, Night Mode, Statistic, Extend/Collapse Keyboard, Keyboard Shortcuts, Lock Screen, File Type The action-bar hides after a few seconds. To unhide it, press the menu  at the top right hand corner. Title: A title is required for every document. The title is unable to take…