MoodCast: Statistics


You can see various information in the Statistics page.

How Positive are you?

This is an average of how positive/negative you are for the month. When you post entries everyday, the average of your moods for a day is taken and it will affect your positivity for the month. If you only make one entry for a day, MoodCast will take the mood for that day and use it to calculate your average mood for the month.

Monthly Mood Chart

This shows your average mood per day for a month. As mentioned, if you have made various entries throughout the day, Moodcast will take the average for the day and plot in the Mood Chart.

Activity Count

This shows you how many times you have done certain activities in a month.

Often Together

This shows the positivity/negativity of your moods you had while you did certain activities, across a month.

Best Day of the Month!

Your Best Day of the month is calculated based on the most positive day that you had for the month.


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