File Loss

NOTE: JotterPad does not delete your text files without your permission! Following feedback received by users informing us that their files have been lost/erased, please store all your files in either Dropbox or Google Drive. We do not have a database of our users’ files/info and will not be able to retrieve them for you.

If you lose your text files, then please follow the below steps.

1. Which folder did you store your text files? Local? Dropbox? Which directory did you store in?

Most of users who have reported this issue, forgotten that their files stored in other directories. If you are likely to forget, then please store in JotterPad Home folder (Local) or Dropbox.

2. Did you install cleaning agent apps? Those apps are likely to clear text files without your permission. Please disable and uninstall these apps. Unfortunately, files cannot be recovered after deletion. However, you can use the “Snapshots” to retrieve your files (Note it is only available in Creative IAP).

3. Did you accidentally delete the files? Note that since the files are stored in SD Card, they could be manipulated from any other apps. If so, you can only recover from “Snapshots” (Note it is only available in Creative IAP).

4. Need more help? Please email us at

5. Rest assured that files cannot go missing as JotterPad does not delete them.

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