Privacy Concerns

Journey ensures that your entries are private, since they are stored in your Google Drive as in-app (hidden) data.

This means that:

  1. Since it uses in-app data, no one can access/crawl it (not even bots) except you.
  2. We do not store any data.
Data is transmitted over HTTPS, and stored in your in-app hidden data (no one, not even other apps can have the access) in Google Drive as non-structured data (i.e. file). Your data is also encrypted at rest if you use Google for work or 128-bit AES encryption at rest. Please refer to Google’s terms of service & privacy policy to know how Google handles your data. Kindly contact the Google Drive team for more information.

In mind of overheads, users’ convenience and other factors, we believe that the current security is sufficient.

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