Synchronisation Error

Sync Icon Legend

  • Syncing Icon: sync
  • Syncing Error (Exclamation mark in a sync):  sync_error
  • Network Error (Exclamation mark beside wifi icon): sync_error_internet


Sync Error

Wait for a moment, or get to an area with better internet connection before trying again. Check Google Drive status in the website to see if Google Drive is facing technical issues. If it still persists, check your sync error code in “Settings”. Press the menu (3 horizontal lines on top left), Press “Settings” (Gear icon). In “Settings”, scroll to “Last Sync Status”. You should see “Unsuccessful” with an error code. Contact us at with the error code for further assistance. You may wish to check if the entries in the web version  tally with the one in your device(s). Please note that the Journey Cloud arranges your entries in terms of Last Modified Date, and not chronologically.

Significant Error codes:

100 Credential Error (Google Drive error. Try again later)

101 Unable to get service (Google Drive error. Try again later)

1060 Unable to delete trash (Google Drive error. Try again later)

1070 Unable to get profile (Google Drive error. Try again later)

1071 Unable to get changes (Google Drive error. Try again later)

1072, 1073, 1075 Unable to download new incoming files (Google Drive error. Try again later)

1074 Unable to remove media mapping (Email to

1076, 1077, 1078 Unable to download existing incoming files (Google Drive error. Try again later)

1080 Conflict (Follow the instructions here)

1081, , 1083, 1086 Unable to download file (Please ensure that you have proper internet connection, and also all of your devices are synced again)

1082, 1084 File is corrupted (Follow the instructions here)

1085 Unable to add media mapping (Email to

1090, 1091, 1092, 1093, 1094 Upload issue (Google Drive error. Please check if your Google Drive exceeds the storage limit)

Please do not be alarmed if you have any other codes that are not listed here. It is likely that you have a poor internet connection, or Google Drive service is temporarily down. Please kindly try again later, and check Google Drive status from this website. We seek your understanding that the server-side is managed by Google Drive, and we do not have full control over it.

Network Error

Connect to the internet and try again. If it persists, restart your device.


As a general reminder, if you still face difficulties resolving technical issues, please contact us at for further assistance.

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