Passcode, Fingerpint & Security

Passcode deters unauthorised intruder from accessing your journal. Your passcode resets once you reinstall the application. If you lose your device, please change your Google password immediately. Synchronisation/downloading of data with Google Drive halts after the Google password is changed successfully. You can also consider wiping the data in Android remotely (See link).

There are two level protections:
  1. Google password: Google password allow user to download journal data into their respective device.
  2. Journey passcode: Journey passcode prevents unauthorised person from accessing the application.

Example scenario: If you lose your device, simply please change your Google password. Even if an unauthorised person tries to access your device, he is unable to access it due to the Journey passcode. If he tries to reinstall the app, synchronisation will not proceed in your lost device since you have already changed the Google password.

We’ve also enhanced security in Journey’s ecosystem. Now, you can also view the “Recently used devices” from Journey.Cloud and Journey Android (Dashboard).

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 11.38.48 am



You can lock the app by setting passcode and fingerprint in Journey Setting under “Security”. Passcode/fingerprint is required to:

  • Open the app
  • Publish entries

Please exit the app by pressing the “Back” button to lock the app immediately. Otherwise, the app will lock itself within a few minutes.

Please note that Journey supports the official Android 6.0 fingerprint API. Fingerprint is only supported in the Android version.


Native & Chrome desktop

To insert passcode, go to “Settings” (gear icon) and select “Passcode”. Input twice to confirm the new passcode. Fingerprint is not supported in the desktop version.

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