Premium Licence Policy

The premium licences for Chrome desktop, native desktop (Mac, Windows) and Android are sold separately.

How it works

There are a total of 4 licences:

  1. Android (phone and tablet) – Purchase 1 licence from Google Play store
  2. Chrome Desktop: Window PC, Macintosh, Linux and Chrome OS – Purchase 1 licence from Chrome Web Store
  3. Macintosh standalone – Purchase 1 licence from Stripe
  4. Windows standalone – Purchase 1 licence from Stripe

Please note that the licences are non-transferable. In the event that we approve the transfer of license, USD$1 will be charged due to the bank and transfer fee.


Reasons for separating the Licences

1. The payment systems are different (i.e. Chrome web store, Google Play Store and Stripe)

2. We are not charging monthly/yearly subscriptions. Separating the licences for both apps are required to keep the development going.


Stating of Premium Licence Policy

The premium licence are stated in the purchase pages. No refund will be accepted for user that assumes one purchase will unlock premium features in all platform.

purchase page app

purchase page app 2


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