Quick change to any preset or custom styles:

  1. Open navigation menu
  2. Select Typography.
  3. Pick a style. A tick icon represents currently selected style.
  4. Pick Custom to define user’s text style.

Increase/Reduce font size:

  1.  Press TT to Increase/Reduce font size.

Custom Fonts (Activate ‘Get Creative’ IAP):

  1. Pick Custom to define user’s text style.
  2. Click Title > Custom…
  3. Click Text > Custom…
  4. Check Choose sub-family box to add italic, bold and bold italic fonts.

JotterPad searches external fonts (.otf and .ttf) in your device’s storage.

Any RTL (Right to Left):

  1. Pick Custom style.
  2. Select Alignment.
  3. Choose Any RTL.
  4. Press  Done.

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