Android Premium Addon

Android Premium Features

To purchase premium, press the Menu (3 horizontal lines on top-left corner), and click on “Get Premium”. You will need to be connected to the internet to purchase the add-on. Your purchase will fund future developments of Journey.


Restoring Purchase

You only need to purchase a single licence for the app to run on all of your Android devices (up to a certain limit imposed by Google Play store). Take note that you have to login to the account that you used it to purchase Journey Android in the Google Play Store. (See more)

If you have multiple emails, you can check by going to Google Play Store app. Press Menu (3 horizontal lines on top-left corner), look out for your username. If the username is not the one which you have used to purchase Journey, change it by pressing on the down arrow.

If your device(s) does not activate, please wait for up to 24 hours for Google to process your order. Restarting the app periodically will force Journey Android to check your purchase in the Google Play store.  If you are still unable to activate, please contact us at for assistance.

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